15 January 2016

On the Needles Jan 15, 2016

Not a bunch of stuff has been done this week. Trying to get back into the groove of working.

I spent all day New Years Eve trying to master two at a time cuff down on magic loop. It was not a success. I posted in one of my Facebook groups (Addicted to sock knitting) and someone suggested trying one at a time. Why I didn't think of that who knows! So that is what I did. I mastered the cuff then realized my gauge is way different. So I frogged and used a smaller needle and I have success.

I am doing these at the same time. I am just using to different needles and rotating around. Harder way to do it but I will get them done close to the same time. I really am like the magic loop, of course I haven't done the heel or anything yet. They are Inversibles, one will be more purple the other more turquoise.

The Hornet. I am just a couple of inches away from the toe. Last night I was cruising along and ended up with a rats nest from here to next week. I tried as hard as I could but alas I had to cut the yarn. Thank goodness it was as the beginning of the round. I ended up spending close to 2 hours untangling the mess and I never did find the other end. I ended up cutting off the last small knotted area. Clueless as to how it happened since the stinking cake was in a ziplock back. Oh well I will get back to these soon. 

My goal was to finish a pair by the end of the month but I don't know if that will happen. I am slow and with the socks that have a pattern on them I really have to concentrate especially if it is a larger pattern. The Hornet socks is a 9 row repeat and therefore I have to concentrate. Hopefully I can finish this one this weekend and start the next one. Still have a little time left in the month. I can only hope.

Although, all this sock knitting means nothing else is getting done. I need more hands.

Head on over to Judy's for more ideas.



  1. Looks like you are knitting two pair on two needles. Is that correct? I also have found that easier than the magic loop. Looks like you'll have a finish this month. I'm cheering for you

    1. I am knitting one pair on a separate needle for each. Kind of like doing one at a time. I am just knitting on one for a bit then switching to the other.

  2. That purple and turquoise yarn is beautiful!