07 September 2010

The best laid plans.....

never go according to plan.

Friday I went out and about with my mom and it was great, my tooth started hurting a little bit but no big deal.  Saturday was my day to quilt, well....

I ended up helping my husband install a ceiling fixture my mom had bought at the Restore for 6.99. So after a couple of hours of that I was able to head into the sewing room. My tooth was still hurting me but no big deal, and we were headed to the state fair the next day.

Sunday, up and out of the house early to head down to Pueblo for the fair, tooth is really starting to hurt me and I am popping pain pills every four hours and have been up since 230 the night before.

The fair turned out pretty good it was really hot, 99 degrees at one point. I did get to look at some of the quilts but couldn't bring my self to take any pictures because my tooth was giving me fits. I ended up leaving early with my parents and left my husband, boys, sister and niece there. I figured we paid 50 bucks for their ride passes, they were going to get good use out of it.

So, up on Monday and oh my goodness. My tooth was not hurting me anymore but the right side of my face was super duper swollen. I would post a picture but I don't want to scare anyone away. My dad informed me he was going to forward the picture to Stephen King for his next book. Gotta love my family.

So finally found a dentist that was open on the Holiday, and they ended up giving my some antibiotics and once they figure out exactly what tooth it is, a root canal will happen, scheduled for next Monday.

So here it is Monday....I get up this morning and my face looks worse than yesterday, if that is possible. So the normal routine has to kick in,  I get the boys up, take the middle schooler to school then off to Wal-Mart for milk and such.  Oh the looks I was getting...I did attempt to walk around as much as possible with my hand over my face but...... I look like I got severely beaten but without the bruises. So hopefully by tomorrow it will start to improve. It is kind of hard to do anything because I keep thinking I have something in my eye, that is how puffy it is around my eye.

So all of my plans for quilting on Saturday and Monday did not happen. I did iron 2 buckets of scraps and cut a lot up, figured it was the easiest thing to do with my vision problem.

It's almost empty. YEAH!!!

I did get a couple of sections done on my Joy quilt, I am still on step 1A and have 7 arcs I think. I only have 18 total of B and D to do.  The pictures below are for B.

I am off to attempt to get some more done.  I have a feeling this quilt will be a long ongoing project. I can only paper piece for a little while before I get tired of it, and the mess it makes. So i think I will try and get once small section done a week. I know it won't be a complete step because that is at least 36 sections at a time. Maybe I will aim for 2-4 sections a week. I don't want to get burned out on it and it isn't like I don't have enough stuff laying around to do and it is not something I have to have done right away.

Oh...... I did get a graduation project done Friday night. I can't post a picture yet since the recipient is nosey and comes on here every day to see if I posted a picture of it. Like I don't know she does that. So I have to wait and post after I send it out to her. Sorry Delsie you are just going to have to wait for your uber late gift.

Hope to check in again tomorrow with more progress.

Hope everyone had a better holiday than I did and did a lot of sewing as well.


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