18 September 2010

Emroidering Away

Even though I had to go to the school carnival, help my parents unload groceries and of course play with my 2 month old niece, I was able to get a few things done today.

I of course spent about an hour cutting up my scraps, am making progress, slow but steady for sure.

I started the embroidery squares for the two baby quilts I am making. I finished my neices' squares today, tomorrow I will work on the frogs.  I love the girls I did today, the red work is simple and quick to do, no billion thread changes, and they come out nice. I tried to do a set in yellow but they came out way to light so I had to switch to orange. I am just hoping it doesn't look to "tacky" with the border fabric I am going to use.

There is going to be a total of 12 blocks so I had to repeat 2 of the designs twice.   I just think it is really cute. I know it is for a baby girl, but sometimes I am just get tired of doing the "baby" thing all of the time. I figure this way she can have it around for a long time before out growing it.

Since it never fails, when I am embroidering, if I leave the room my needle breaks, the bobbin thread breaks or some freak of embroidery happens. I decided to do something and I couldn't sew on the other machine since there is not outlet around, honey will work on that tomorrow, I brought up a small wall hanging to finish.  Now mind you it has been sitting around since oh probably January already bound and waiting for the last little bit to be done. So I pulled out the beads and tied them on lickety split, why I waited so long who knows......procrastination.....has a hold on my quite often. I have been working on these wall hanging for about 4 years now, maybe a little bit longer, I only have one more to do. I guess I should try getting that done so another thing is off my list.....just have to remember where I put it...I don't even remember what month I have left to do.

Yesterday I had planned on rearranging my quilt room, well I nixed that really quick. So I straightened and cleaned instead.  I cleaned out to shelves of magazines.  I pulled out the patterns I liked and the rest is on its way to recycle.  I probably got rid of about 100 magazines.  Now I have a little more room to store some fabric. I put all kinds of crap up as well....I seem to have a tendency to tell myself to clean up as I go but in reality I just put it aside and then after awhile I don't have anymore put aside space. So it is now vacuumed, dusted, and straightened....even some boxes left over from the move still......yeah......

Oh yeah the embroidery designs are from Hatched In Africa (http://www.hatchedinafrica.com/)... I love their designs.


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