09 September 2010

Mindless Sewing....the wonderful 4 patch

I have had a hard time lately with staying home all day by myself.  Yeah, I never thought I would say that either. For the last 4 years I was a stay at home day care provider. I worked 630-500 M-F and I had 4-6 kiddos under the age of 5, plus my own 3 running in and out. I was getting really tired of it at the time, but right now I miss the company and all of my kiddos. I realize I am very lucky that we can afford for me to stay home and be here for the kids whether with school or illness and to be here for my mom as well. But.....I am gradually going crazy and it really has only been 2 weeks since everyone went off, boys to school and hubby to his job.

The funny thing is if I am able to go out and run errands or go spend money (hahaha) then it is no big deal, but the problem with that is you need an unlimited money tree in the backyard to access hourly and of course I don't.  So here I am.......

I couldn't decide on what to do today so I thought I would be productive and blah at the same time.  I have been piecing 2 inch squares together, one light and one dark, Bonnie Hunter style aka. Leaders and Enders, for awhile now and my bucket (which I thought was rather small) was starting to fill up, now mind you it was really about 3/4 full and didn't really look it.... since I was putting the squares in there rather nicely. Off I go chain piecing my little twosies into foursies and finally after hours and hours, not really it just seemed like it, I was done.  So off to the ironing board and then the cutting apart and then the counting.
Can you guess how many I did?........who would of thunk it.

chain piecing pile
ironed 4 patches

close up 4 patches

Ok ....again How many do you think is there? I ended up with 239 of them, yeah I know why couldn't I have just done one more?  I didn't realize that there would be that many, on top of the other 100 or so I have done I think I may have enough to do at least one of Bonnie's  patterns, but alas that will have to wait. I have other things simmering on the back burner, like Christmas gifts, that need to be done first.

I will have to go browse around http://www.quiltville.com/ really quick and see if there are some patterns that will use 2.5 or 1.5 4 patchs and switch gears for now.

The mindless sewing and the scrap cutting, 3 hours this morning, I would say I had a productive day for a change. Don't think I will get anything else major done tonight.  I am a football fan and tonight is the start of the regular season.....Go Saints!!!!!

Enjoy your day and take a few minutes to sew or craft everyday, it makes the day more bearable.



  1. oh wow waht a jackpot of useful 4-patches! Funny thing is = is that I'm currently hosting a swap for these units and your email you sent out to Stashbusters ended up getting filtered and into my "4-patch swap" folder in my email program so that is how I found it and found your blog link! so glad that I did! ;)

    Maybe I can look for your email address in your blogger profile as I'd love to share a whole listing of quits that use THIS SIZE 4-patch units from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville webpage and also a list of ones from her latest book ;)

    Also you mentioned finding patterns that call for 1.5" - well today during the carpool line I had my Better Homes & Gardens American Patchwork & QUILTING magazine with me and surprisingly in the current October 2010 issue #106 not only does their BEAUTIFUL cover quilt "Granny Squares" use up 1.5" strips but also so does "Apple Crisp"

    If you are a scrappy/Bonnie fan both of these quilts you will like. ;) Here is the only link I could come up with that will take you to a photo of what the cover of the issue looks like so you will know what to look for.


    Hope this helps! ;) Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  2. I found what I was looking for! ;)
    here is a direct link to the cover quilt "Granny Squares"

    and another I fell in love with that uses 1.5" strips - it's called "Apple Crisp"

    and this one isn't anything to do with the 1.5" size... but it's plaids and so cute too!
    "Plaid Tidings"


    the link to take you to sneak peaks of everything in this issue is here -

    hope this helps! Love from Texas! ~bonnie