24 September 2010

Graduation Quilt Done

I finally finished and mailed off the graduation quilt, and now I am finally able to post a picture.  I started this way back in May with the best of intentions to finish it.  But,  then I came home for two weeks, then went back to Vegas and helped get everything ready for our move to Colorado, so of course the back burner was where this was placed. It didn't turn out as big as I thought but I like it none the less, and of course so does Delsie.

As I was sitting here uploading this picture all I can think about is that I used to get a lot more done.  When I worked full time as a daycare provider I was turning out quilt tops left and right.  Now that I don't work and I am home all day long, I don't seem to get as much done.  I don't know if it is because all of the running around I am doing or what. It is kind of frustrating. I guess if I really think about it I do accomplish some things just not complete quilt things.  I did get 100 charity blocks done and a couple of tops for charity sewn together.

I did receive two large buckets of Christmas fabric from the Quilts from the Heart group, so now I have to sort through the fabric and cut up some kits.  We are trying to get another 60 or so done before Christmas so that is what will be on my agenda over the weekend. I have my niece today so I don't know how much I will accomplish, she is only 2 months old and is ornery one minute and ez pz the next, aren't all kiddos that way anyway.

Take care and get some sewing in.


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