12 September 2010

A Sweet Husband

Friday afternoon my husband came home from work and put a substantial amount of money in front of me  (well enough to buy quit a few yards of fabric but not thousands or anything) and said go have fun at the quilt store.  Needless to say I was out of the house and in the van before my computer chair stopped spinning. Did I need fabric, well no not really, but who can resist. I did by some awesome yellow and red fabric for a quilt I want to make. I also bought some reds and neutrals.  I can never have enough of those.

I didn't get much quilting done until late Saturday afternoon. I spent the morning gallivanting around looking for some cat fabric so I could make this purse for a customer.  I finally found the fabric so home I came.

I was able to complete the purse today, while watching football. I quilted an outline of a cat on the pocket but you can't see it real well. I think I should have used a smaller stipple, guess I will keep that in mind for the next time.

We had a sew in with one of my yahoo groups this weekend, Quilted With Love, so I was on and off the computer and trying to get a lot of sewing done. I had this small table topper, wall hanging from a Schnibble pattern that I had done a long time ago. I ended up quilting it last night. I ended up doing an all over loopy star pattern, it came out OK but not one of my favorites. I think it may have ended up being too busy for me. What do you think?

I still have to bind it down by hand and with my track record it could take forever. I have one quilt that has needed binding for about a year and half almost two and I haven't done it yet. Although it is on the top of my binding pile....I only have 6 over there to bind I think.  Maybe I can get more of those done when all of my prime time shows start next week.

Tomorrow it is the normal household stuff and errands.  I also have my Quilts from the Heart meeting tomorrow as well. I hope I can get a lot accomplished then.

Well off to finish football and bed.

Sew in Piece,



  1. Oh, the blessing of a sweet husband! I have one of those, too. :) Looks like you had fun, and got a lot done, this weekend! You go, Girl!

  2. I can relate to that chair spinning! Go while one can! The kitty is sweet!