02 September 2010

A trip for one turns into many things.......

Well I did get the patterns almost all copied for my new project that I am starting. Some of them were too big for my printer so I will have to trace them and some of them took a little finagaling to get them to copy. So after all of that hard work...I went shopping.  I went looking for a basting gun and an Omingrid L96 ruler, no such luck on either of those but I did get some fabric instead. I am trying to stock up on lights and they are so hard to find so I try and buy when I see them. They only had FQ's in most of these but I figured anything was better than nothing.

Then my mom has been wanting a purse with pockets on the side so I found this pattern, and the other one I thought was just too cute, will be good for on of my neices for sure.

I also thought I would share the fabric that I am getting ready to go iron, for the JOY project. I love them all and I hope that I don't go crazy and cut the fabric wrong since the pattern is kind of hard to understand.

This is actually one piece of fabric, the green is the center, blue the top, and red the bottom.

The sunflower is the main fabric throughout.

I just hope I can get it to work with out a lot of problems. I already decided I will save up and send this one out to be quilted.  Oh I can not wait until the day I can get a long arm......maybe I will win the lottery....oh that's right you have to play it first.....well.....I might just go get me a couple of them there tickets. You never know.....

Well don't think I will be getting a lot of quilting done this weekend. We have open house tonight, and I think I have been nominated to run the popcorn Fridays at the school. We then have the state fair on Sunday. Maybe a little bit on Saturday and Monday.

Everyone have a safe and sewful holiday weekend.


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