01 September 2010

Charity Quilts

I finally had a day home so I spent it in the quilt room along with Rhett and Scarlet. I popped in the DVD for Gone With The Wind and away I went.

First thing I did was iron another 5 gallon bucket of scraps so that I could put them in the cutting pile I had finished the last pile last night, it only took me about 2.5 hours to iron it all (Who would have ever thought I would get calluses on my hands from ironing). The good news is that now I can close the lid to my scrap locker, which is one of those long black foot lockers with wheels, YEAH. So even though it doesn't look like I am making progress....I must be.  Only four more months to get them all done to meet my personal goal.

I did get two charity quilts finished, they were rather quick since I just turned them. One I did straight stitching and the other one I quilted with a meander.

Charity String Quilt
Charity Strings Close Up

Once I was done with those I decided that my string bucket was getting way too full, it was starting to overflow....so out came the last of the muslin foundations squares that I had precut and away I went. I did get 19 string blocks done....I don't think I made a dent in my string bucket though. What do you think?

I think tonight I will head back in the "dungeon", as my husband likes to call it, and cut some more foundation muslin squares. If I have any muslin left....if not I think I might dare to start my JOY kit that I have. I have been wanting to make this forever and I bought the kit cuz I love it so much, yet...I am kind of intimidated since it is A LOT of paper piecing.....but I guess I just have to remember one step at a time. So I am off to read the directions again and if I don't panic I will show you any progress I have made in a couple of days.

Sew In Piece,



  1. Love your charity quilts! I think scraps mutiple when we are not looking, like rabbits.

  2. Good luck with your Joy quilt. I'll have to come back and check your progress. I love your charity string quilts. It's a good thing scraps are such fun to use, because I agree with Artist Within, those things multiply on their own. ~Nita