16 September 2010

Charity Blockathon

I have been busy all weekend and pretty much all week. It doesn't seem like I every accomplish anything or if I do it is only a minuscule amount.

I finished all of my shopping with my special "allowance" and then the rest of the weekend is kind of a blur.  I had a sew in with my online group "Quilted With Love" which was really nice. I ended up getting my cat purse done and straightening out my sewing room. ( Although, if you could see it you wouldn't think I had done anything in there.) One of the gals on the group had a contest that whomever bid the most blocks would get a wall hanging or table topper made for them.  Well, since I don't ever have anything to do, yeah right, there I go making a huge bid, guess my Vegas vibes are still hanging around.  I ended up winning the bid so I spend the rest of Saturday and Sunday picking out fabric from my stash to get these blocks done.  Oh yeah,  the number of blocks I had to make.............................75. Well since I was on a roll and I had a bunch of 4 1/2 inch squares left I just kept going, and going, and going.  Well I finished them all today and I ended up making 100 blocks total.  There are the Tams Patch, from www.quilterscache.com.  I really liked these blocks, they were easy to go together and I had all of the pieces precut from my 2.5 inch bucket, and the precut 4.5 left overs from another project.  I only needed to buy and cut the white on white.  Boy was that fun.  So they will hopefully go into the mail tomorrow and another good deed is done.

Yesterday, I had to run errands.  My husband informed me he needed some more dress shirts and such for work.  One big reason why I miss the military life, we never had to worry about what he was wearing to work. After hitting about 5 stores  (because I am a cheap shopper) to find the things for him, I went shopping for me again.  Hey now, I saved tons of money shopping so I had some to spare for quilty things. 

I ended up going to the local ARC thrift store and found some shirts for my stash.

It was great because I only bought the ones with the 50% off tag color for that day.  So each shirt only cost me about 2.00 a piece, not bad for some cool shirtings.  This next one I had to take a picture of it close up.  I think it is just the coolest for a shirt and will add some zip to whatever I end up putting it in.  Don't you think?

Is that not cool or what? Who would of thought that would appear in a shirt.?

I now have one more have to get done small project then I am free and clear.  I will cut some more scraps from my bin since I have been slacking on that this last week. I am aiming to get all of my Christmas stuff done by Oct. 1.  So I better get a move on.


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  1. Saw your post on Stashbusters and came over to check out your blog. LOVE those scrappy blocks - definately one for my 'ideas folder' for future charity quilts! Those shirts are wonderful, I'm a great one for checking out thrift shops for interesting fabrics :)