17 January 2012

Dear Jane Blocks 1

I thought I would show some of the blocks from my long haul project.  We started this class in June, so I started making blocks in May,  and right now I feel like it is taking forever.  I am making blocks and some triangles at the same time.  We are not going in row by row order but rather by difficulty rating.

I am sewing the sashing on at the same time and then putting the blocks together as I am able. 

Some of these blocks don't look the greatest but I was trying to take picture from step stool stuck between all the bolts of fabric and my mid arm frame...not an easy task.

A1 - Pinwheel Gone Awry

A2 - One Two Buckle My Shoe

A3 - Hunter's Moon

A5 - Cathie's Campfire

A6 - Uncle Homer (one with the dk pink)
A7 - Dad's Plaids (brown one with applique)
A8 - Florence Nightengale (last one in row)

A10 - Which Points West?

A11 - Pebble's Post

A13 - Starlight Starbright

B1 - Batchelor Buttons

B2 - Sweet Tater Pie

B3 - Mirror Image

B4- Chris's Soccer Field

B5 - Hot Cross Buns

B12 - Starflower

B13 - Four Corner Press

They aren't perfect but they are mine and I guess that is all that matters.  I keep hoping the more of them I do the better I will get but I don't know.

I do know that starch and press applique is much easier for me than needle turn.


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