18 January 2012

Dear Jane Blocks 2

Another slide show of more DJ blocks I have completed.  Slowly but surely they are coming together.  Some of them are not the best...I havent decided if I will redo them or leave them in there as a reminder to myself that no one is perfect.


BR1 - Rosemary's Rainbow (the pink one)

C1 - Trooper Green's Badge

C3 - Rayelle's Fence

C9 - Jane's Tears

C10 - Patriot's Lantern

C11 - Soldiers and Sailors Monument

C12 - Family Reunion

D3 - Jason's Jacks

D4 - Crystal Star

D6 - Challenge

D7 - Meeting Place

D13 - Field of Dreams

I know the pictures aren't the greatest but it was the best I could do without standing on the mid arm frame.


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