10 January 2012

We also bought a zoo

Or so my husband says...

Ok, here's the story...we moved back to Colorado from Las Vegas a year ago June, after my husband retired from the USAF.  My mother had been ill and so they were unable to live in their house anymore.  We are now renting the house which I grew up in. Anywhoo...the place they moved into did not allow pets so here we are.....we moved with just a dog and the "house" came with 2 birds and a cat (the cat is my sister's).

So we have Rufus and Shooter (the birds). These birds have been in the family for at least 25 years.

Then we have the dog, we rescued Noah when the boys were little because they were absolutely terrified of dogs.  They would see a dog outside and scream bloody murder til we took them in or the dog left.  They are fine now....

Then there is Zeus, he is my sisters cat, but may end up being ours permanently.  It was not easy getting the dog and cat to get along when we moved in.  They still don't get along and the cat is the ruler of the roost while the dog is a big chicken.

Then for Christmas my mother gave the boys guinea pigs.  These are the first girls in the house since all other animals are boys, although we learned recently one of the birds may be a girl, but to me he has been a boy for so long he will stay a boy in my mind.  So here is Daisy with my youngest son, Jared.

Then below is Peaches whom is being held by my middle son Ryan, so now we have a little menagerie of pets going on.  I think we are done or maybe we should get another cat and another dog so we can start our own ark.....nah....

This is the piggy cage my husband built this weekend.  It makes for easier cleanup and was much cheaper than the cages from the pet store.  Only problem is trying to get the critters out of there.  They are still really skittish around us, hopefully we can get over that soon.

Hope you enjoyed the small look into the zoo I call home.  Gotta love the animals, and the kids (is there much of a difference at times?)

Quilty hugs,

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