04 January 2012

Happy New Year

I'm a little late but that is how my life seems to be lately.  I started working at the LQS in August and since then life has not been the same.

I have plenty of things that have been completed or close to done but most are for the shop so I haven't really done a lot of personal things. I am hoping to change that soon.

I have a few things to finish for the shop, some kits etc. and I am hoping to have all of that done by the end of January.  This way Feb will be the start of my New Years projects and goals.

These are bolts from last years BOM at the shop.  I need to finish making up kits.

Here are more bolts from the same BOM.  There are 2 different colorways so I have lots of bolts.

This was organized before Christmas with all of the pieces and parts in their own little compartments.  Then Chaos hit.

These are the bolts for the Generals Wives BOM that I am cutting.  Good news with these is that it is easy to cut, and I only have to do these every three months. 

My husband and the boys are learning really quickly how heavy bolts of fabric is to carry, since it seems like I come home with some everyday to work on for the shop.  I might even be brave enough to take pictures of all the other things I am organizing for the store (the past 3 years BOM) but that may wait for another day.  Yes, I do get compensated for my work at home as well.

I hope everyone is recovering from the holiday craziness and has plenty of time to sew and work on all of those quilty resolutions.  I will be posting some of mine soon.


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