23 July 2012

Waldo Canyon Update 4

Life has been busy and my kiddos having been bringing boxes in almost everyday from the postman.  I delivered 32 quilts today to the local guild for the first delivery this Saturday.  I have six quilts heading out to a long armer.

I have to take a break this week...company coming Friday so I have to clean and get things ready and most important I have a DJ class next week and so far I only have 1 block done.  I hope I can get the other 9 done between now and then..wish me luck.

Here is another picture heavy post of all the wonderful quilts I have received so far.

You know when you look at the last photo, which shows all 32 quilts, it doesn't really look like a lot. But,  when you pick them up to move them and refuse to go the long way around it is really easy to get stuck between the refrigerator and the counter with a stack of quilts in your arms...not that I know about this of course...so needless to say my hubby came to my rescue and grabbed the other stack of quilts...guess he didn't really like the squealing and grunting as I forced my way through...but hey I did make it with a minimal of bruising.

Have a great day everyone,


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  1. You're doing well, Baby Girl! I too, have ONE block done for DJ class! We've got company Weds-Sat am! Congrats on a job well done with quilts! They look fantastic. Momma B