20 July 2012

On The Needles Friday 7/20/2012

Well I made some progress on my first ever sock. It took me awhile but I was able to keep up with the homework for both weeks and am now done with this weeks. My final class is on Monday.

I decided turning the heel is easy it is that stinking going up the side gusset thing that had me confused, but I did get it. Of course we were in class so I had help...just hope I can do the second one with out mishap.

I was working on the decreases the other day just cruising along decreasing, and decreasing, and decreasing..then realized if I keep decreasing I won't have a leg opening...duh...light bulb moment.  Well for a newbie it is really hard to unknit...I can unknit the purls and the knits but those stinking knit 2 together and those SSK are just a pain...I only had to rounds I had to undo..thank goodness for the light bulb moment (so I didn't have to do like 10 rounds).  I don't think I did it completely right but I can only see one small mistake and I am content with it.  I don't have any holes and it looks good for my first pair.

I then was knitting away thinking I had to get to 9 inches for the instep..decided to try the sock on and really I could have stopped about 1/2 inch back but I am good.  I only ended up needing 6 inches so that was good. I have a hole in my finger from the needles.  I'm gonna have to pull out the finger protectors for sure.

Hope to get the second sock started tonight.

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Have a great weekend everyone....I am off to work  then the doctors.  Tomorrow is school shopping, this is the year both boys decided to outgrow everything...ugh..



  1. You've done well Baby Girl! That 2nd sock should be easier. I see you knitting a sweater next! Momma B

  2. I think your first sock is fabulous. And there is nothing like hands on help. Also nothing like figuring out your whoopsie before you are too far along and just give up. You'll be dancing around in your lovely green socks before too long.
    Oh how I miss school shopping with my kids. We always had such fun doing that. One at a time made it a special day for each of us.

  3. You've done a great job on your first socks. Enjoy the school shopping!

  4. Great going on your first sock. I noticed the knit shop closest to me offers the sock class I have been waiting to take but only offers it during church for 3 weeks. I can't do that. So I am still waiting to start my second sock...(I started 1 before which taught me that I needed a class!)

  5. Fabulous job!!! Love the yarn too!!!

  6. I love that green color! This sock looks great...I took a class this past year (magic loop) and made my first ever sock. LOL still working on the second one but it has been awhile...thanks for some motivation to dig it out!