27 July 2012

On The Needles Friday 7/27/12

It has been a very busy week here and not a bunch of stuff done. It will be another busy week as well, we have company coming in tonight for a week so life as I know it will be crazy.

I finished my first sock at class on Monday...it really wasn't that difficult..of course I had to do the kitchener stitch threee times on my sock before I figured out what I was doing. Oh well, it was a learning experience.

I did cast on the second sock and as of last night I am ready to start the heel flap..hope I can remember what I did on the first sock so that I can finish the second one.

I also worked on a dishrag this week.  You really cant tell from the picture but there is a butterfly in the pattern.  I don't know if I life working with the cotton yarn.  It has absolutely no give in it and by the time I was done with a couple of rows my hands were killing me.  I even used metal needles. Don't know if I will be making many more of these even though they are easy and should be quick.

I still have my scarf to do as well. I haven't worked on that since starting the socks. I'm getting almost as bad with my knitting ufo's as I am with my quilting ones, and I haven't even been doing it very long. I am not even going to mention the 3 crocheted ones I have..nope not at all.

On a side note I spent an hour trying to teach my mom to cast on and to knit...lets just say I have not laughed so hard in a long time.  It was fun though....well I am off to work then home to finish cleaning house before company arrives late tonight.

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  1. We've had company all week as yesterday was DFILs 95th BD. I've done nothing quilt wise but did show the sister-in-laws my knitting. One crochets, the other knits so I got them both online to the free pattern sights. All leave tomorrow and Sunday. Maybe I can sneak another DJ block in there. But don't hold your breath. HA!! See ya Weds. Momma B

  2. You are making great headway on your socks. I'd really like to make a pair for next Christmas...2013 not 2012. This year it is hats. Then I found a pattern for leg warmers that are worn under boots...no toe or heel to knit; that may be '13's Christmas for my grown girls.