19 July 2012

One Down...... Many To Go

Yesterday I was off of work so I took some time to open the last box I received in the mail and to go log in the other quilts I received.

I had received some quilts from a group in Alaska, one of the grandson's lives here so he brought them back from his recent trip. They were dropped off at work on Monday night and I brought them home with me Tuesday. So today I opened the back, sorted and posted them in my database and took pictures.

I then was trying to figure out what to do with myself today other than Dear Jane so....there was this one quilt from my Friends In Alaska (that is my nickname for those wonderful ladies out there) that was already pieced, basted and ready for quilting. I did a quick iron and off I went.  I just did a simple in the ditch quilting...added a binding...machine sewed it down (one of these days I hope it gets easier for me) and washed and dried it. 

I am trying to get as many done before next weeks first distribution so it was nice that within a couple of hours I had one done.  I have four quilts now that are in need of tying so that is what will be on my agenda for the next couple of evenings so I can get a few more done quickly.

I will then start working on the other quilts. I don't think there will be any rhyme or reason in the order I complete them but I will get them done.

This was the first picture yesterday morning after opening the package.

Yesterday afternoon after washed and dried..now it is folded up and ready to go.

Have a wonderful day.


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