06 January 2014

Design Wall Monday Jan 6, 2014

I actually have some finishes to share. It might be all for awhile since I have to go back to class stuff, Sylvia's and Loyal Union Sampler, which will be blocks and blocks and more blocks. I do have some Hexagon stuff to get done but we shall see how that goes.

I started this New Years Eve and finished it on Jan 2. It is the strip club for High Country Quits. It is made with the Barcelona fabric line and Yin Yang pattern from Cozy Quilts. I was really unique and titled it Barcelona Yin Yang.

I ended up just making the throw size. I wish I had more time since I have made this before and also in a throw size. I would have liked to make it bigger.
I also finally finished my EPP Hexagon pillow. I love EPP but my hands do not. I guess this will be my only project for awhile. I will be taking this to work as my sample for my Hexie Along With Me class next month. I had wanted to hand quilt it but time was also not on my side. Oh well, maybe another project down the road.
Before quilting. I really had a hard time cutting into those puppies to square the pillow up when done.


Close up of the straight line quilting.
Today I also start my 15 minute project. I will work on something for 15 minutes a day for 5 days a week. I will report my progress on Tuesdays. We shall see how much I get done or how long it will last.
For more eye candy head on over to Judy's
Have a Blessed Week everyone.


  1. beautiful quilt and pillow love the earthy colors.

  2. Thank you. I am drawn to all colors so my house is quit different. I will put a modern quilt right next to my reproduction quilt. Oh well.