24 January 2014

Yarn Report 4 - 2014

I have progress. Yay!!!. If only all my weeks will continue to look so good (or better).

I finished my Racing Raindrops Scarf.

I finished my twirly scarf but since the yarn was given to me and I finished in one day I am not counting it in or out.
Zitron Filigran in Gray


Used this Week: 1 skeins
Used this Year: 2 skeins
Added this week: 0 skeins
Added this Year: 3 skeins
Net Used this Year : 0

Used this Week:  437 yards
Used this Year: 837 yards

Added this week: 0 yards
Added this Year: 1030 yards
Net Used this Year : 
-193 yards (looks better in skeins)

Hopefully I can finish my hat this week. Yeah right but it is a lofty goal. I am off to cut 200+ FQ for some kits so I can get these 75 bolts outta the house and back to work. Then some nice knitting tonight.

For other progress reports head on over to Judy's. I really like seeing how her numbers show up. I think one of these days she will be in the black...well...maybe not.


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  1. Congrats!! I definitely like counting skeins but will buckle down and figure out my yardage. Love the scarves.