10 January 2014

Yarn Report - Week 2, 2014

I fell off the wagon a little. Not like some people I have read about. But, in my defense I knew I was. I have a standing order for one more month of yarn from the Dream club. I also was influenced to buy this specific yarn but they were out of stock so I had to wait until it was available which happened to fall this year as opposed to last. Well that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Nothing finished - but I knew there wouldn't be.

Added -

 Dream Club for January - 2 skeins (mini) and 320 yards
Hand Maiden in Walnut - 1 skein  and 355 yards

I do have projects in mind for both of these. Getting to them is another thing. Hopefully I can have some progress next week but with the projects I have lined up that may not be possible.

Used this Week: 0 skeins
Used this Year: 1 skeins
Added this week: 3 skeins
Added this Year: 3 skeins
Net Used this Year : -2 skeins (not good but not bad)

Used this Week:  0 yards
Used this Year: 400 yards

Added this week: 1030 yards
Added this Year: 1030 yards
Net Used this Year : 
-630 yards (sounds worse in yards :)

I can say I like my blue numbers better than the red. For more stash reports head on over to Judy's.


OH and by the way I received my first order from Eat Sleep Knit and those stinking yarn lotto cards could be highly addictive. I'm just saying. 

Now to ponder do I want shiny cards to scratch or get my numbers back into the blue. Hmmmmm????