24 January 2014

On The Needles 1/24/2014

I have been a busy girl this week, on the knitting side anyway.

I finished my first piece of the cardigan, the back, by doing my 15 minutes a day.
This is before I finished it. It didn't look much different done so I didn't take another picture.
Then I finished my Racing Raindrops scarf for the Loopy Ewe Challenge. I really enjoyed worked with the beads. You can not see them really well but that is because I used smaller ones, it was what I had. I may make this again one day in the larger size. Yeah right.

I really need to find something to display my stuff on better. Guess I will put that on my to do list for someday.
I then finished this swirly twirly scarf for my niece. She had been asking for one for ever and so my mom had a skein of this funky yarn so off I go. I really dislike making these. They are easy but I think it is just because they are kind of fiddly to work with. But it is done.
Hard to see but I wasn't taking a selfie and this was the closest thing.
I then started a different project on my 15 minutes a day project. It is actually a UFO but new to the 15 project. I needed a break from the cardigan. I will probably get back to that after this sock is done.
This will be an ankle sock and then when the pair is done I will try and make a pair for my younger niece (she's only 3) since I don't need as much yarn. My SM is there since I have changed my 15 minute week from Thursday - Thursday to show progress on Friday.  This last week I actually finished the ribbing and then moved down to the SM.
I love seeing the progress from week to week. I like that it lets me know I have been making progress little by little.
Last but not least I cast on my Scraptastic Hat. I did have almost all the ribbing done but of course someone was talking to me and I lost my place and couldn't fix it so I had to tink and start over.
Handmaiden Casbah in Walnut - I like the one Denise did over at Justquiltin so I had to copy her.
At least my numbers will look good on yarn report this afternoon.
For more inspiration head on over to Judy's.
Have a great day.
Snow yesterday. High of 22. Highs through the weekends of 60. Then 30 and snow on Monday gotta love life here in Colorado.




  1. Ha!!! I copy Denise all the time :) She does such beautiful stuff!!! You have been super busy - you put me to shame. LOVE the colors in your ankle sock :)

  2. Your scarf turned out great! I put that pattern on my "to make" list. Love your sock yarn. The colors are so much fun! You have been very busy!