28 March 2014

On The Needles 3/28/14

Progress. I have progress. Not as much as I would like, of course, but some none the less.

I finished my Cornelia Socks for the Loopy Challenge. I literally and wove in the ends about 3 minutes ago. I forgot I still had to do the Kitchener stitch when I was getting ready to write this post.

These will be off to soak this morning.
I also switched gears a little bit and made some dish cloths. I did one knitting and 2 crocheting. I used to crochet all of the time but my hands don't like it anymore. I can sit and knit all day with no pain. Not so much with the crocheting. I was able to knock  of these out then my hands rebelled. It is really hard for me to knit or crochet with the cotton yarn, doesn't move as smoothly I guess.
I still have to give them a little blocking love. I wanted to finish up the skein of purple so I just crocheted another one just smaller. I love the smaller size ones anyway. My goal was to do one a month this year. I just smacked out 3 of them so I guess I can wait until June and do three more really quick. Might save my hands as well.
Then, instead of starting something new, which I really, really wanted to do, I went back to the Kimono Cardigan. I am almost done with one piece. I  only have about 6 more inches. I then will have 4 more pieces and then I will be done. So, maybe the completion date will be sometime in 2050..
I'm assuming I will have to block before I put the pieces together since the sides of this love to curl in.
I'm hoping I will be able to show as much progress next week but I doubt it. I have some major applique I need to work on. Oh well, there is always the week or two after right?
For more beauties and ideas head on over to Judy's.
Come back this afternoon and check out the numbers. They have gone done but I did it a little box of fun in the mail as well.


  1. Nice work on finishing your socks! And then going back to an already started project. Dishcloths are nice and quick, aren't they? Useful also! Your sweater is going to be very nice!

  2. Yay!! for a finished pair of socks. They are so cute. I need to make some more dishcloths, too. They are a nice quick project. And the color of your sweater is so pretty.