03 March 2014

Design Wall 3/3/2014

I have been working most Monday's the last couple of months and I keep forgetting to post my Design Wall Monday. I have been very busy even though it may not seem like it. I have a lot more going on than I have pictures but what's new right.

I started a new BOM - Mastering Miniatures so I couldn't resist making a few of these right away even though I have tons of things to do. I figure I will make one block a week, and since I work Friday I went ahead and made this weeks as well.

I also made a mini quilt yesterday using Jaybird Quilts Pattern Northern Lights. I am taking it in to work as a sample and I have one more mini to make. These use the new hexagon mini ruler and I love it.

I have since washed, dried and removed every stray thread. Which wasn't an easy task. I bet I un-sewed parts of this top 4 or 5 times. I couldn't seem to get my brain to work.I think I will make another one of these with civil war scrappy prints. Depending on how you lay out the rows this quilt could have tons of different looks.
On a side note, my niece asked if I had any skull fabric. As a matter of fact I did. She needed a poncho to fit a soda can.  Hmmmm..well I came up with this.
It looks better flattened down and would look better on a taller can but what can you do?

I am also working on  Jo's Little Women's club applique quilt I will try to post pictures next week. I am also working on a Downton Abbey Ladies quilt almost done with the 50 blocks. I also have Downton Abbey Mystery going on. Not to mention Sylvia's Bridal Sampler and Loyal Union Sampler. I could keep going that's for sure.
For more design wall inspiration head on over to Judy's.
Have a great day,


  1. How mini are the Minis? Curious about the Downton Mystery, where is that? Don't work too hard. The Sample quilt is interesting, I see lots of chevrons in the LQS.

    1. The blocks for the Mastering Miniatures finish at 6". The Downton Mystery started and ended with the show. The mini quilt ended up being 12 x 14 or there about. Not too mini.