24 March 2014

Design Wall Monday 3/24/2014

I have a little bit of this and a little bit of that done, or going on. It seems like all I do lately is a little of everything. I think I would really like to be able to sit down and just get something completed. Someday soon maybe.

Downton Abbey Mystery in Sybil color way. Told my sister it would be for Christmas but I probably wouldn't get it done until February. That didn't happen so this is my Sunday work. I only do one set of blocks. Told her she might get it for her birthday, which is in October.

Mastering Miniatures month 2. I have one more block to do and this month will be done.

Loyal Union Sampler. Row 1 done working on Row 2. Class starts next month so I really have to stay up on this one. We will be doing 8 blocks a month for 18 months. I usually work on this one on Tuesdays and try and get 2 blocks done.

One of my blocks from LUS - it took me 3 hours to do this puppy. I just really love set in seams. NOT...good news is I never have to make this blocks again.
I also have Sylvia's Bridal Sampler going on - I do 2 blocks on Monday. I will show that another week since I had no more room on the design wall. This one will be done in August (after a little over 2 years).
I still have my Downton Ladies up on the DW as well. I'm hoping to get that one done this week but I am also working on my next Jo's club. I really need more time in the day and less procrastination.
For more DW beauties head on over to Judy's.

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  1. Way to plan for making your LUS. I'll be glad to see your SBS whenever you get time to show it off. I want to make a Downton Abbey Quilt!!!