30 August 2010

Quilts From The Heart

Last week I was browsing around a local quilt store (lqs) looking for a ruler, which I haven't found in town yet, and came across a local group of gals that make quilts to donate here in the local area. They meet every Monday at various locations so there I am agreeing to meet with them on Monday's. I ran a local chapter of Quilts For Kids when I was in the Las Vegas area so this just happened to fall in line with my charity side. I went to my first meeting today and rather enjoyed myself, they meet from 12-4 but since I have to be home when my youngest gets out of school I can only stay until 230, but I did get a lot done for my first meeting. We ended up pinning 6 or 8 quilts with the batting, backing and top so that they can be sewn really quick and then turned inside out. Then after that I helped tie a fleece blanket, and I also cut the backing and binding away from one ready to be turned.  I am thinking next time they will have me cut some kits and since I love to rotary cut that might be the fit for me.

That is about all of the quilting I have done since Saturday. I had my niece yesterday so I just had a really lazy day, went to church and sat around most of the day and of course watched the Denver Broncos last night.

I did get up this morning and cut scraps. I made a small dent, I think.... My goal is to get all of the scraps done by the end of the year so we shall see what progress I make.

It is hard getting used to a new routine around here. Husband started work today, which in turn leaves me to pick and take up my middle one from school, Ryan, and then come home and get everything ready for dinner. Now I will be taking my youngest one Jared to school on Mondays and Wednesdays since he is joining a before school reading/coffee group. I think I am going to be living in my car at times.  This is a big adjustment from someone who stayed home for the last 5 years and took care of 5 little ones all day long. There would be days and days I would not leave the house at all. I guess that is the joy of being a stay at home mom and I know before long I will be sad that they are all grown and out of the house. In the meantime I wonder how many miles and gallons of gas I will use.

I don't like posting without a picture so here is a quick block I made just for the heck of it. What I will do with it, who knows, may end up in the back of a quilt somewhere down the line.  It was paper pieced so that was a nice break from the normal as well. I love to paper piece but I can't do it too often since I seem to lose patience after awhile.

Good news is there isn't too many outings other than to and from school this week so maybe I can get some major quilting done, although I have to admit being home alone is rather weird.  I felt really weird most of the morning with just the dog, cat and 2 birds for company. I guess I will get used to it eventually.



  1. That's a really nice block. I think I would lose patience, too so I've never done any paper piecing.

  2. It is time consuming, but paper piecing isn't as hard as it looks. The joy is that the blocks come out so precise.

  3. Beautiful block and you are very good at paper piecing. I think the same thing but a little at a time and I can get through it.