03 January 2011

Blocks of the Month

I have 3 new Blocks of the Month (BOM) for this year and 4 left over  from last year. I admit I was not a very good girl last year when it came to keeping up with them, I ended up doing 1 block.....not 1 out of each BOM....no literally ONE block PERIOD.  Oh I also have a buck a block I am doing as well, but fortunately I am keeping up on that one (the only reason is because I have to take last months completed block to pick up this months block).

My goal this year is to keep current on the 3 new ones and start/finish the 4 from last year.  Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, depending on how you look at it, 3 of the older ones are paper pieced, and none of them are small either.

New for 2011
Patriots and Petticoats - new BOM for 2011

Rustic Stars

Queen and Her Court

Country Magic

Fairy Dust
I am also doing a frugal mystery BOM with a LQS and if that is not enough on my plate I am also following Barbara Brackmans Civil War Quilts blog .....which is a weekly post with Civil War information and a block to complete and none of this fails to mention that I also have 3 of Bonnie Hunter's quilts in the process as leaders and enders....

I think I may have to give up sleep here pretty soon.


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