01 January 2011

UFO Challenge 2011

I joined the UFO Challenge 2011 on my Stashbuster yahoo group. I only have 24 of them on my list.  I don't know how many of those will get done this year especially since 12 of them need to be quilted.  They are all large ones too which is why they are UFO's. I really don't like quilting them on my DSM.  But alas, if I want to get them done I better get crack a lackin.

I will eventually try and get this list on my main page of the blog, once I figure out how but it the mean time....here it goes.

1. Chunky Churndash (blocks finished)
2. Applique Wallhanging (applique fused down)
3. Jewels in Chocolate (pieces cut out to use on embroidery machine)
4. Ugly Quilt (4 clues left to do)
5. Amy Butler Tote (pieces cut out)
6. The Queen and Her Court (bom, block 1 done)
7. Joy (paper piece - step 1 done)
8. Hip to Be Squared (basting, quilting, binding)
9. House (basting, quilting, binding)
10. Layer Cake (basting, quilting, binding)
11. Zippity Doo Dah (basting, quilting, binding)
12. Trip Around The World (basting, quilting, binding)
13. Zippity Doo Dah Schnibble (basting, quilting, binding)
14. White Floral (basting, quilting, binding)
15. Table Runner (basting, quilting, binding)
16. Yellow Moda (basting, quilting, binding)
17. Basi Grey Green and Purple (basting, quilting, binding)
18. Multifaceted (basting, quilting, binding)
19. Ace of Cakes (basting, quilting, binding)
20. Split Medallions (basting, quilting, binding)
21. Chocolate Mint (binding)
22. Aqua Repros (binding)
23. Layer Cake Purple (binding)
24. Layer Cake yellow (binding)

Lets see what the year can bring......whip out those UFO's and get them done.


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