17 January 2011

RRCB Top Done

I just finished my RRCB top.....yeah.   It was kind of a pain doing the borders. It was heavy as well.  Of course I don't know if it was more difficult because I haven't done a large on in awhile or because of my boot. It seems every time I turned around my boot was caught in the quilt top or I was stepping on it.  Now my Velcro on my boot is a little worse for wear and it seems that it has gained at least 5 lbs because it is holding almost all of the strings and things that could attach itself to any open Velcro spot. Oh well off to clean that tomorrow.

Now off to figure out how to back it and quilt it.  Although I can say this will probably be in the flimsy stage for awhile.



  1. That is BEAUTIFUL!! Well worth the struggle IMHO :)

  2. I think it was worth it as well. I might have some fluttering thoughts about that when I go to quilt in on my DSM, which I am hoping will be sometime this year.