15 January 2011

UFO Finish 2

I took a break from piecing yesterday, since it seemed I was doing more frogging than sewing. We sat down and watched Robin Hood with Russel Crowe, and I started binding another quilt.  Normally I only can handle doing 15 or 20 minutes at the most, either I get tired of it or more often than not my thumb starts hurting too much and I have to stop.  Well last night I ended up binding the whole thing before the movie was over, well almost the whole thing I had about 20 inches or so already done.  I was amazed with myself.

Strip Stacks w/ 30's prints.

I am still on track with my personal goal of finishing two UFO's a month. Of course this is only January and I still have quit a few large ones to quilt, but for now I am satisfied.



  1. Very pretty quilt. Glad your binding went well.

  2. I love this design and fabric combination!