17 January 2011

RRCB Step 7

I finally finished step 7. So now my center is done. I just have to add the small inner border and then the final border. I am hoping to get that done this week...but the way life goes who knows.  It is very heavy and I can say I am not looking forward to quilting it that is for sure. I still have to figure out what I am going to use as the backing but I still have a couple of days to decide.

I do love this quilt though, and as my first Bonnie mystery and first Bonnie quilt I will have completed I am super happy. I do have chunky churn dash almost done as well as Sister's Nine Patch...I just have to lay them out on the design floor and go from there. Which is really hard right now to do since I have a boot on my foot but as a quilter I have learned to adapt, or really in my case complain the whole time I am doing it.

I also am 1/4 of the way done with the binding on another UFO, and I was also able to get 3 rows down on my crocheted afghan (it doesn't seem like a lot but the rows go the length of the afghan). All that while watching football, pretty productive Sunday for me.

Sew today it makes you feel productive!


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