04 January 2011

Procrastination or Overwhelmed?

I have been in a rut this last week or so in the quilting arena and I finally decided really think about why this is happening. Am I procrastinating or am I overwhelmed?

Procrastination - putting off or delaying an action to a later time

Overwhelmed - to cause someone to have too many things to deal with.

Well after further thought I think I am procrastinating because I am overwhelmed.  Usually this in not a problem for me. I make my list, either on paper or up in the good old noggin, and just plug away. For some reason 2011 is proving to be a little more taxing to me. I don't know if it is the stress of our "life situation" and me being a worry wort or just me being a crazy loon. It more than likely is a combination.

Maybe I just took on too many things at a time, trying to get a billion quilts made yesterday. I mean there is BOM, swaps, mysteries, stash reduction, stash enlargement, magazines to read, new patterns to try, hand applique to learn, hand quilting to learn, knitting, crocheting reading and...and...well you get the idea. 

I think the best thing for me to do would be to write the top 10 things I want to accomplish first and then go from there. I know there are some things that have a due date, swaps anyone, and everything else is on its own time schedule.  Honestly though, other than swaps that I signed up before, does it really matter when it gets done. No....I don't think so. 

I think I will ponder this wonderful break in life and "stop to smell the fabric".  Quilting is supposed to be a peaceful, relaxing, enjoyable hobby and sometimes I think we make it an elephant on our back.

Maybe try to be more like the turtle and less like the hare.

So take time today to sit and ponder what is important to you and if you are actually overwhelmed to the point of procrastination......


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