06 January 2011

Civil War Block 1

I am following Barbara Brackmans Civil War Blog.  Every week she posts a block and some history surrounding the block.  So of course since I don't have enough to do...I joined in on the fun.

After collecting various FQ's of civil war fabrics the last year or so, I finally cut into some of that lovely fabric and made my first block.  I love the fact that it is really very simple to do.  I am still learning how to adjust all of those bulk seams and pressing seams open still is not my cup of tea....but you do what you gotta do and I am getting there.

Catch Me If You Can

At first I was really worried and starting freaking out about what fabric I was going to use. I figured it would more than likely take me hours to fret and worry over which should be chosen. Then...........

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I realized it really doesn't matter.  I am not giving this quilt away, it is not going to some super duper mega judged show, its mine.  My color choices are exactly that, mine.  If I don't like exactly how it turns out after the square is done I have options.  I can make another one or I can leave it and remember not to do it that way again. There are choices to be made and if you procrastinate making them you will never learn from them. 

I was always worried about wasting to much fabric. Well I finally realized it isn't wasting fabric. It is creating and learning.  This block will either end up in the quilt or not. It could end up in the back of this quilt or another one or even as an orphan block in some other quilt down the road.  The point is ---it doesn't matter.

Sew a little today, its' wonderful.

I am now off to my Farmers Wife Class at the LQS...yeah.


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