05 May 2012

Dear Jane gets me again

I don't know what I was thinking. I really don't.  Acutally to be honest I really wasn't thinking at all. At least that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

I was working on the last block for class this Month (which really was last Weds.) and I didn't finish appliquing it because I wanted to explain it to the class. Now I have looked and looked and looked at this block...maybe I need my eyes checked..and I didn't notice the problem..even in class I didn't notice the problem until Mrs. N said something.

See,  the directions said make HST, I read make HST, I knew to make HST and I ended up making 4 patches...I mean what the heck right?

So the students all laughed at me and I after I gave the correct instructions they informed me that they knew I would probably leave it the way it was.  If I keep doing that with some of the blocks I have made it will no longer be  a Dear Jane quilt but rather a "How I Rebelled Against Dear Jane Quilt". So last night after finishing Mr's A's quilt I figured I would show them, and I will....lol

Here is my block "wrong" in all of its glory. I can admit that if I would have completed all of the applique and squared it up Iprobably would not have remade it.

Here is the correct block.  No..I have not appliqued it at all yet. It is now downstairs next to my chair wating for its turn.  I really isn't a major difference in the grand scheme of DJ but enough none the less.

My lesson learned...stay calm and just keep sewing..it will all work out in the end. Now if I only had that mantra this last Sunday when I came down stairs yelling

 "What the heck was Jane Stickle thinking...was she even in her right mind?"
Husbands response, "Who is Jane Stickle?"
Me..."Nevermind" and stomping back upstairs....man I sure cant get sympathy anywhere that is for sure.

As this posts I will be at the little ones last football game and then the end of season BBQ and it is supposed to be a hot one as well....guess there will be no sewing today.


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  1. You're doing very well, Young One! I really enjoy your DJ class! Makesme laugh everytime! You're good for the soul! Bec