07 May 2012

Sylvia's Progress 1 - Design Wall Monday 5/7/12

I was working on the first few blocks of the quilt, pulling fabric and I was already getting tired of the few fabric choices I have.  It is kind of hard because this is a scrappy quilt but we will probably be making some kits so I don't want to get too many fabrics. So after hemming and hawing I decided the heck with it..so off I went to the store and picked up a few more fabrics. I had a hard time finding some blues (since they read more of a blue gray) and I really wanted some darker ones but no luck. I ended up purchasing some grays although I did pick up one with polka dots and I really don't know if it will work but we shall see. I also would rally like a darker pink/maroon but couldn't find anything so I am at a make do point.  I will pick up more backgrounds tomorrow since I need to cut my sashing out first and it is rather unique since my sashing will be scrappy. 

A1 - Mosaic No. 3 (paper pieced)

A2 - Shoo Fly

A2 - Bright Hopes

A5 - Amethyst (paper pieced)

A7 - Cats and Mice

A8 - Star of the Orient
(partial seam construction and paper piecing)

I skipped a few A's for now. I need to get them done but I know these are a little time consuming as far as blocks go since I had already done them with my other color scheme.  One needs to be appliqued and the other one is major y-seams (yay..my favorite..NOT).

My goal is to get 10 blocks done a week so that in 14 weeks I can put the rows together and get it done to hang in the shop before class. I am thinking I may have to change to order of completing the blocks from horizontal to vertical that way I can sew the rows together as I go.  The long sashing is vertical so that might make it quicker. As you can tell from the blocks I am putting the sashing on the bottoms of each as I go...less to do later...and it is scrappy. Of course I just realized as I was typing this up and looking at the blocks above that I put the same sashing on both 7 and 8 which will be next to each other in the quilt.  Guess the seam ripper will come out early today.

Have a wonderful day.


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  1. looks great and it never hurts to have several fabric choices in a sampler quilt!!