18 May 2012

Raspberry Swirl is Done

I did it! I have a finished quilt top. I even finished the binding and have it sewn down.  I didn't get a whole lot else done but I beat the deadline.  I finished it last night so it is already for class tomorrow. I will then bring it home wash and dry it and hang it up on my Jo's wall.

Now granted it wasn't a big quilt but hey these days anything is better than nothing. I spent 4 hours yesterday on two blocks for DJ and didn't get either of them finished. I was at the point that I needed to just step away before everything was flying out of the window. So hopefully by Sunday I will be ready to tackle them again. I did finish the applique last night on two other DJ so I am not too far behind yet. I still have until the first Wed. of the month.

It really feels nice to get something completely done and it really felt nice to work on something different for a change. Now off to celebrate my middles one's 13th birthday, hubby coming home and all of the fun weekend stuff...like cleaning, laundry etc.  I hope Sunday will be a day to sew...

Have a stitchin' fun weekend everyone.


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