21 May 2012

Design Wall Monday - 5/21/12

I was busy yesterday...I really was..it just doesn't seem like I accomplished very much.

I did make a temporary design wall for my Sylvia's... I really did not want to move my DJ that would be a really big hassle.

I finished a couple more blocks for Jane, these are kind of a pain. I appliqued  two blocks so they are done. I even hand pieced the center for one..I hope it looks better after ironing than it does now because I really don't want to have to re-do it. I have one more to applique then I am done for the June blocks.

I finished a couple blocks for Sylvia's..I have 2 to applique and a couple difficult blocks coming up soon. I say difficult because I hate partial seams and Y- seams.  I can not seem to find a simple way to do these and I get frustrated. I guess I will just start hand piecing those sections because it is easier that way for me for some reason.

I only work every other day this week and I get a 4 day weekend so hopefully I will be able to get a lot done this week.  Even though we have some major yardwork to do this Saturday..yuck.

I hope to finish this block this afternoon.  More set in seams..yuck.

My temporary DW for Sylvia's.

My next QOV.

Close up..I have had this top waiting to be quilted for at least 2 years.  Yep..I'm kind of slow.

Maybe some progress will be made this week.

For more DW head on over to Judy's.

Hope you have a wonderful week.



  1. It sure looks like you got a lot done! Hey, two years to quilt a top is pretty quick around here :-) It looks great. Best of luck making friends with set in seams.

  2. I have a few quilts in my stack that have been waiting a couple of years too. I do ok on y-seams on larger blocks but on the small ones, ugh!!! Good luck on them. I am at a standstill on my Farmers Wife because those y seams ....

  3. I think I may have tamed the beast..my set in seams are improving..I just wish they wouldn't take so much time. I have Farmers Wife on the back burner. Figured I would get these two long term projects out of the way first.