14 May 2012

Design Wall Monday 5/14/2012

Yesterday was Mother's Day so I took a day for me, well sorta.  I did not work on Sylvia's or Dear Jane. 

I didn't wanna..instead I worked on Raspberry Swirl which is a Jo's Club quilt.  I am am part of the club but I am always working or working on another quilt so I haven't made any of them this year or part of last year for that matter. I am going to be teaching that class this Saturday since the normal teacher had a family emergency so I figured what the heck..I will spend the day doing something different.

So out comes the Jo fabric and sorting and deciding began.  I ended up using pinks because I had 9 different ones and I wanted each block to be different and I also had enough for the outside border.  I really wanted to do it in the poison greens but I didn't have anything for the border. So off I went.  I realized I will need to check out work tomorrow for something for the sashings. I have a fabric that will work but I am not too happy with it.  So I am hoping to find something get the top all finished and then quilted and bound (GULP) by Saturday morning.

I might just do it since I don't have a hubsters here this week, but I also have tons of blocks to get crack a lackin on for Sylvia's....does it ever end? I don't think so.

Here is the partial blocks that I was working on. I was chain piecing three at a time and was down to my last three..which would mean I had already done six...well

Does this look off to you? Why after doing so many do I decide that I need to do some creative sewing..not on all of the pieces mind you just some.  So out comes the seam ripper and off I go.

Here is a close up of one of the finished blocks. I keep looking at it and personally I think the "spikes" are off in size compared to the rest but the block does come out right.

If I had a lighter background I would have used it but this was all out of my stash and it was the only shirting I had that didn't have blue or black in it or "something just not right".  I think it will grow on me.

I only have two quilts up on my Jo's club area so this will be a nice addition.  Oh...well now that I remember I do have another quilt top that is Jo's that just needs quilting...hmmm maybe I can find time in the next 100 years to get some of these tops done....well dreaming is allowed right?

For more design walls head on over to Judy's.

I have to work this morning but then that is it.  We will have leftovers tonight so I can sew, sew, sew, the night away. Well, unless work kicks my bum.

Have a blessed day everyone.



  1. I like your blocks! And I love the background fabric you picked!

  2. the blocks are beautiful, keep going, will make a georgous quilt.

  3. Does it ever end? I'm not sure I want it to! :-) Your blocks are lovely, best of luck meeting your Saturday deadline.

  4. Looks great! They don't look off at all. Maybe it's an illusion with backgrounds. Great fabric choices. I think that when working on long term projects, they need to go slow and have fun with other projects too. Very nice

  5. Thank you for the positive comments. The more I look at the background fabric the more I like it. It was also nice taking a break. Hope to have it halfway finished tomorrow.