11 June 2012

Design Wall Monday 6/11/2012

My design wall still looks the same but with more blocks.  I didn't do much sewing at all this week but yesterday I finished up some more Birds Eye View Blocks.  I finished month 7and 8 and am working on month 9.

Month 7

Month 8 - this one will be top stitched on to the completed top when sewn together.

For some reason I didn't think I had cut out month 9 so off I went to cut.  Once I was done I glanced over to the pile and realized month 9 was there. Since I cut out all of this fabric twice I decided I would go ahead and make all of the blocks.  So now I have 108 blocks I am sewing.  I figure I will have more options and the remaining 54 will go on the back or maybe a table topper or something.  Of course I  would rather a different (easier) block have been cut wrong than this one.  Well...it really isn't that hard just time consuming.

I only work three days this week so hopefully I can get these finished and move on to DJ again.  I must admit that I can not wait until after the first of the year.  That is when I am hoping to have all of my have to sews done and I can move on to more of I wanna sew.  I have been in a have to sew for the past year and it is getting really old.  So off to finish Dear Jane, Sylvia's and Birds Eye View.

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  1. A couple of years ago I made a duplicate block, too. I embroidered my label info on it and stuck it in the middle of the backing before it was quilted. That label is not coming out!!

  2. I might end up doing that as well...good way to keep a label from coming off for sure.

  3. Well, making two blocks means you can pick the better sewn one for the front of the quilt! Just call me Pollyanna!

  4. That block 8 is really interesting. I like the crowns going around. Hope both blocks turn out great!