08 June 2012

On the needles 06/08/2012

I am a new knitter because I really needed another craft to learn...but I enjoy it more than crocheting.  I am just really slow at it. Of course I have a tendency to procrastinate and don't do it as much as I would like.  My intention is always to sit and knit or applique or crochet while watching TV but I admit there are many times I sit and do nothing or read a book.  Man..if I actually used all the "sitting on my ads" (ok my friend and I were texting back and forth about what we were doing and her auto correct said ads instead of aqq) I would have a bagillion things done completed..

Anywho..this is a free scarf pattern from www.purlbee.com that I found while procrastinating on the Internet.  I figured for me it would still be easy enough (it is just plain knitting) to get better at knitting and actually get something accomplished.

I figure this could be on my "on the needles Friday" every Friday for a very long time but I am hoping that knowing I have a semi-deadline it might help be to spend my time more productively.

I guess I really could have shown some major progress since I was unable to sleep last night. I actually went to bed, fell asleep for maybe 30 minutes then woke up hot...tossed and turned for an hour, got up for about 20 minutes, back to bed, got back up and finally went to bed at 530am, heard hubby get up around 630, and the next thing I know the birds are squawking me awake at 945.  Talk about making for a short day...now I am off to pack some projects to take to the pool. I am such a nice mother and told my kiddos we would go....What was I thinking?

Have a wonderful day everyone.


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