28 June 2012

HELP - Calling All Quilters

As some of you may know I live in the Colorado Springs area.  I am on the other side of town from the Waldo Canyon Fire and not in any way in harms way.  Sitting here through the last 5 days watching the 24 hours news coverage is heart breaking. So I am trying to help in the only way I know how.

We know that many homes have been lost and many people have been evacuated because of this fire.

Anyone who is willing to donate a completed quilt, a quilt top, backing or batting to please contact me and I will collect and disburse the quilts that are received.

Please pass this information on so that the word is spread and maybe we can bring some light to these victims of the fire.


you can reach me by email at justforthepieceofit@gmail.com


  1. Michelle I posted on my blog with a link to you. http://quilted-hearts.blogspot.com/2012/06/quilt-request-from-colorado-quilter.html
    It would be great if there were someone in northern Colorado who would do the same for those who have lost homes and evacuated up there.

  2. If we get a large response to quilts I have planned to send some up to the High Fire in Ft. Collins as well.

  3. I need your address. I have some tops but I cannot send them quilted , shipping too expencive
    Luisa-Genova Italia

  4. I will take any size that you would like. I think anything will work. There are 347 homes that were destroyed. I will take completed quilts or just tops. I have a mid arm so I am able to quilt them as well. I am also not in a great hurry. I would rather take time to allow the victims to get settled and to allow more quilts to come in.

    Thank you for your help.

    Michelle Ford
    2875 Lavarie Drive
    Colorado Springs, CO80917

  5. Hi, Michelle. Did you know one of the photos you link to is from a CA fire? It might confuse folks...

  6. Hi Michelle, I saw your message on another blog and commented but also wanted to post here. I also live in Colorado Springs and just heartbroken of all the events over the last week and the week before due to both the Springer Fire and the Waldo Canyon Fire. I would love to help and I know some of my family and friends would to.

    Thank you and look forward to speaking to you and helping.


  7. Sorry about that picture. I have since updated my pictures. Hope all is correct now.