28 June 2012

Update for Waldo Canyon Quilts

I have had several people respond and many with questions so I thought it would be easier to address them here.

I will take any size, although I think lap/throw would be best.
I can take blocks, quilt tops, and completed quilts.

I do have a midarm so that I can finish quilting them. I also have a volunteer to help with binding them as needed.

I would like to have backing with them if possible but it is not necessary.

I am starting to collect them now but I have no plans of delivery them for at least the next month. This allows me to get them quilted if need be and also to allow more time for people to donate if they would like to.

I want to wait until things settle down. I don't want to rush in and give these people a quilt when they are still trying to figure out where they will be living. I know that right now things are very unorganized and I think it would be better to wait.

I also figured that if there is an overwhelming response of quilts sent in then I will forward them on to the High Fire (Ft. Collins) or any other fires in need in the CO area.

As of right now there are 346 homes that were lost in the Waldo Canyon Fire...I would love to be able to give each and every family a quilt. There were also 250 homes lost in Ft. Collins. So whatever can be given will be greatly appreciated.

Wouldn't it be great if we could give a quilt to every household in both of these fires?


PS. If sending a quilt please make sure your name is on there so that I can give credit. I will update the status of this endeavor as I get things in. Once again thank you so very much for your help.

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