22 June 2012

On The Needles 6/22/12

I decided to just post every two weeks. I am such a slow knitter and I figured showing the slow progress every week might be a little boring.

Although in two weeks there doesn't seem to be a lot of progress.

I am still working on my Sunshine scarf.  It takes be about 30 minutes so sew each row. I try to do at least one row a night but that doesn't always seem to happen especially since I always have some sort of applique to get done (that DJ is just out to get me for sure).

I did do quit a few rows over the last two weeks. I even tried Continental stitching but I am even slower that way, my stitches are really loose, and it still hurts my hands.  Looks like I will be a thrower for quit a long time.  Oh well...

I am registering this week for a beginning sock class and a local yarn shop so maybe in a couple of weeks I will have something different to show.  I might have to put this on the back burner until my classes are over.  I know there is usually a lot of homework and it takes me awhile as well. Of course with company coming my time will be even less my own for a couple of days.

I am off to get ready for week. This weekend is our shop hop so I am sure it will be busy.  I even get to dress up as the gardener.  Hey, what can I say I picked an easy one...I get to wear jeans and a t-shirt...that is definitely a no brainer for me.

Piece a little and be happy.



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  2. I wish I could knit. I am in love with handknit socks :)