20 June 2012

Do I look like a hoarder?

These pictures I am about to show you are awful.  Last year we redid the sewing room and when we were done I showed fabulous pictures of the beautiful room, what I failed to show was the crap I couldn't get back in there.  I had planned on going thru it, sorting it and finding a place to put it all.  So far that hasn't happened.

I figured having company would help get me motivated..no such luck.  I just had hubby move it all into our bedroom and then after they left move it all back.  Sad so sad it is.

spare bedroom

spare bedroom

our room

We have company coming again the end of July. My goal this time is to only work 15 - 20 minutes a day and get some of this organized.  See that nook in the corner of the picture, it used to be a closet and my parents used it for their TV.  Since it is just empty, well...sorta...I am going to try and sort and pile everything in there neatly so that at least I can have the room look a little bit better.

In my defense I can say that there are 3 - 4 huge tubs of fabric that are kits for the store that I organized.  I was waiting for them to figure out how many more kits they needed cut and to get everything ready. I think now I will just sort into the kits that I can (most of these are BOM) and sending them back to work and letting them do with them as they may.

Hopefully in a couple of  weeks (or months) I can show you some progress.


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