16 June 2012

What was I Thinking

Do you ever have one of those moments when you ask "What was I thinking?"

I was cleaning out a section of my "OMG I gotta figure out what all of this" while I was procrastinating working on Dear Jane and I found this quilt that had the top, batting and backing all together.  So I figured I would put it in my pile to quilt.  Well lo and behold when I opened it up my only thought was "OH CRAP! What the heck was I thinking?"

Then I remembered...back before I purchased my mid arm I was always on the lookout for simpler ways to baste a quilt. It always killed me laying the quilt out and safety pinning the sucker together..to be honest I absolutely hated it. I had found this site (I don't remember it for love or money) and it had showed how to use DMC thread to baste it together so that is what I started to do. I then realized that I personally did not like doing it that way, it ended up being to hard on my hands and my back. So then, I found the nifty little "basting gun"..You know the one that comes with a bagillion of those plastic little do dads that you just shoot into the quilt and hold it together. Well that is what I ended up doing I shot a million or more of those puppies into this quilt.

Now fast forward..I have a mid arm...I can just load the quilt onto it, but wait...I have to remove all of that handy dandy work that I had done previously.  Well let me tell you...that was not a fun task.  I snipped and snipped and well you get the idea.   I started by snipping each one and putting the plastic in the trash individually, quickly realizing that at that pace I would be snipping until the next millennium.  So I just snipped with no care where the plastic went.  I finished an hour and a half later..not too bad if I say so myself.

Then the clean up came...I had those plastic things from here to next week..luckily a broom and a dustpan cleaned up the majority of the mess. I do think I will find those little plastic things floating around for months to come because I know I didn't get them all and the quilting fairies probably kept some for themselves.  I know this because hours later I was still finding them here and there.

Moral of the story...if you do something different in the past try and finish so in the present you won't be wondering what the heck you were thinking.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

On a side note I was on a roll last night...I finished 3 DJ blocks and even finished the applique on two of them....

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