19 June 2012

The scrap pile

runneth over.  Which in my house isn't anything unusual.  I was procrastinating again on DJ, what's new right?  I had asked some of my co-workers for some 2 x 7 in strips for my bow tie blocks. I had already exhausted my 2" strip drawers and I really didn't want to cut into my stash for such a small section.  Anyway, it is nice going into work and seeing scraps in my folder.  I also had Mrs. F drop off a nice little package for me and then a couple of days later she brought me some bags.  I haven't really had the time to go through them all but I cut all of the other bags into the sets I needed and I figure I will get to the other ones...a little bit here and there as needed.

The small bags emptied and this is my pile.

I cut my bow tie sets and then cut what was left into usable sections following the scrap user system that Bonnie Hunter uses.

I go tired of standing so I went and sat at my machine table to get a few more done.

The second set of scraps from Mrs. F, although alot of these are big enough pieces to be used for other things and I think there is one or two that could be used for backings.

I would love to say that I keep up with all of my scraps but I don't.  I try real hard to sort after I am done with the quilt or when my 2 little buckets fill up.  I have been working on emptying a very large laundry basket for a couple of years that have tons of scraps in them.  I would work for 15 minutes a day then after a few days I would get sidetracked.  Guess that should be something I think about
getting into again.

See that wonderful wicker basket there on the left...the tall brown one...that is filled with scraps...agghhh...

Have a wonderful day.



  1. I would love to give into your basket of scraps! LOL

  2. oops. that should be *Dive* not give...see how excited I am ??

  3. LOL...if you ever need anything let me know...I also have about 6 rolling carts with drawers full of pre-cut scraps as well...

  4. I am so jealous! I just have one box of scraps so far, but I have only been sewing for a year or so. I have I spy quilts in the works now.