27 November 2013

A Little Hexie

As much as I love EPP my hands don't. I still have a project to finish but after that I will have to take a break to see if that will help my hands.

I made these from a quilt magazine because I fell in love with them. (I can't remember the name of the magazine though to save my life and I am too lazy to go up and find it)

Made with 1.5 hexagons. Decided they were too big.

Didn't get it filled as much as I wanted but good enough.


Changed to 1'' hexagons. Liked it much better. I even was able to shove more walnut shells in this time. 

I actually made this one for a co-worker. I told her to bring me 7 3.5 in squares but didn't tell her what they were for. She asked though.
These are great little projects to make and give as gifts. Just a little rough on the fingers.
Have a great day.

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