09 November 2013


Sometimes you just have to take a break. A break from the have-to quilts and spend sometime on the I want to things. Ironically for me at one time the have-to projects were the I want to projects, go figure.

I was up early this morning and had a shower, quick trip to Wal-Mart, bathroom clean and the hallway and living room carpets steam cleaned by 1000. What is a girl to do when the boys are at Men's Fellowship for the morning? Sew of course...

I went down to the sewing room and decided I was going to sew on something that did not have to do with y-seams (hexagons), or block of the months (Sylvia's or Loyal Union Sampler).

I decided to sew on my Mad City Mama that I have been working on as leaders and enders. So that is what I am doing.

Of course, that is after I remove the Zeus from my 1.5 inch string bucket. I asked him why he was in there but or course no response just a raised eyebrow. Boys I tell ya.
It really isn't as wonky as it looks.
Sub-cut into 5.5 inch sections. I only need 30 more.

And of course the leaders and enders. I wasn't going to do them but they kept calling my name. So the thimbles will be piling up. I have 34 now. Who knows how many I will need.
I am off to rotate another load of laundry then back to sewing before the "have-tos" need to be done.


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