01 November 2013

On The Needles - Nov 1, 2013

Let me just say that when you give up on procrastination you actually get something done. I have been working on 4 projects every night. I may only do a little bit of each one but I do something. Normally it is hand sewing, then knitting, then hand sewing, then knitting. This way I rest my hands and I actually am making a lot more progress than I figured I would.

This is a block of the month I started awhile ago. I am no hurry to finish the complete afghan anytime soon but I wanted this block done. I only worked a repeat a day and it only took a little while but it is done. The second picture shows the true color a little bit better.
I like the idea behind this BOM because it has things I have never done in various blocks, bobbles, cables, chart reading to just name a few. But, I did tell myself that before I did another block I need to finish the back of the cardigan for my mother. So that will now become my 15 minutes of knitting, the rest of the knitting time is on my socks. I am just finishing up the heel now.
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  1. I never heard of a BOM for knitting but that would be a good way to learn some new stitches and patterns

  2. I hadn't either but a friend of mine was visiting from Vegas and she is taking a class at her LYS and told me about it. It is from the book by Skacel "Building Blocks" and it is from Knit Purl Hunter. I think I will learn a lot. I just don't think I will like seaming these blocks together since I never liked it when I was crocheting. Oh well what can you do.

  3. Sounds like a great way to test out new stitch patterns and end up with something useful as well! I like you idea schedule a lot; I'm an accomplished procrastinator........ It seems like I read somewhere where you can pick up stitches from one afghan block to start another. Might that work?