25 November 2013

Design Wall Monday 11/25/2013

I started a new project. Like I don't have enough to do already. I just decided I needed something to do when I don't feel like knitting and EPP is not good on my hands. I figured a needle turn applique would fit the bill and it doesn't hurt my hands as much. Weird I know.

Right now my plan is to only make 4 blocks. Each one will have a different design and a different color - Jade - Hot Pink - Yellow - Lime Green, and they will all be on a black background.

It is kind of hard to see the outline and I haven't cut out all of the surrounding fabric. I figure in some areas it will be easier to cut as I go.

I had a really hard time getting this cut out. The book I have gave me directions to cut it out like we used to do the snowflakes. You know fold the paper a billion times then cut. Well, trying to cut through eight layers of fabric was not working real well. Of course I also didn't have a big enough piece of paper to use either. I ended up tracing each section (eight of them) on to freezer paper, cutting out, placing the puzzle and ironing down then cutting out from there. I am going to have to find me some big paper for the next three that is for sure.

I also was frustrated because the book told me to use a 16 inch square of print fabric but that was too small I really needed to use a 20 inch like the background so needless to say there was some fabric wasted in the cut out of this block. At least I can cut the other ones larger. I still have 2 fabrics I need to wash.

I am off to do some chores then try to work on my first Fit For  Hero section once Judy posts it. I also need to get my blocks for Downton Abbey sewn together as well. Oh a crafter's work is never done.

For more eye candy head on over to Judy's.



  1. Is that an Hawaiian applieque pattern? It looks similar to one I started at least 3 yrs ago. It's not quite as big though. I like the colors you are going to use.

    1. It is. They will be 16 inches finished I think. That is why I am only making 4 squares. Hopefully it won't take me a real long time.

  2. So, you went w/ black background! I think w/ your colors, you'll be happier w/ the black background.
    Will I see you Saturday? Momma B

    1. Yeah black it was. I also already had it at home. Maybe if I get this one done I will do another one in just 2 colors. LOL...Don't think you will see me Saturday but who knows.