14 November 2013

Loyal Union Progress

I have been making a little progress on my next BOM class for work. The Loyal Union Sampler. We will be starting this one in April, right at the end of Sylvia's. So every once in a while I will make a block just to get a head start. Today I finished off row 1. I only had to make 3 more blocks so between sneezing and sniffing I finished them up.

The first four blocks. The colors don't look to great but they are all scrappy from my reproductions. Funny that this will be my first big quilt out of those. Guess I was collecting them for a reason.
Blocks 5-8. I didn't realize the far right looked so much like Christmas. oh well.
Blocks 9-11. Far left looks really bright and like a taxi cab while the last one looks really washed out.
Tried to get a picture of the complete row but didn't work out to well. I enjoy picking different fabrics for every block but I do admit it is kind of difficult. Not something I do often especially with the backgrounds. I have tons to choose from so hopefully it will get a little bit easier as time goes on.
Off to do some knitting and sneezing before getting middle son at school and starting dinner.
Have a great day everyone.

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  1. I missed this Post about Loyal Union Sampler. I like the Scrappiness of it. Sashing as you go is a great idea! I have 16 done and 105 to go...